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Posted on 01/12/13

Today is a definite first for me, and for Microsoft Advertising, as we launch the new campaign for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug on Windows 8 Ads-in-Apps, followed by a cross-platform solution on MSN and Xbox 360 on 13 December. Why is it a first? Well, as part of the campaign with Warner Bros. UK we will be offering a free 3D printer blueprint of “The Key to Erebor” – a major artefact in the film’s plot - to fans.

Going live on 13 December – the day the second instalment of The Hobbit trilogy is released in cinemas across the UK – the blueprint will be offered within the Ads-in-Apps creative. Fans can download this from the ad and use a 3D printer to create their very own keepsake.

Anyone familiar with the story or who has seen the films knows that Bilbo Baggins could teach most people a thing or two about storytelling. And the power of storytelling is something we strongly believe in at Microsoft Advertising and the creative for the new film in The Hobbit Trilogy is evidence for how it can bring an ad campaign to life.

By working closely with Warner Bros. UK and its UK agencies, PHD and Think Jam, we’ve been able to co-create a digital advertising solution that is truly at the forefront of global innovation. By offering fans a blueprint for a 3D model of one of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’s ‘key’ artefacts, as well as an interactive deep-dive into the film, information about characters, events and artefacts, actor bios, behind-the-scenes videos and more, we’re providing a genuinely valuable and unique experience that puts the consumer first – really benefitting the people it reaches – while continuing to deliver for the client and push the boundaries of what is creatively possible using new technology.

Warner Bros. UK offered these kind words about the campaign:

Danni Murray, Director of Media and Marketing Partnerships, Warner Bros UK & Ireland says: “We’re incredibly excited about this integrated partnership opportunity. We asked Microsoft to come up with a solution that challenged the previous conventions around what was possible with its display offering and we’re confident this interactive campaign will excite and engage fans as they journey into the second film in the Trilogy”.

 So what does the creative look like? Here’s a video to give you a bit of a preview: 

Want to see more creative campaigns like this one? Please visit our library of case studies at advertising.microsoft.com.

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