Chris Ponath - MSFT
Posted on 10/23/13

You might have seen earlier today that our partners in Windows disclosed the advertising ID for Windows 8.1 Store apps, which provides a unique device identifier that can be used to improve the quality, frequency and relevance of advertisements displayed within their apps. We believe that the advertising ID will improve relevancy of ads and monetize your assets better while providing a better user experience.

If you use our Microsoft Advertising SDK you might ask: what does this mean for me? Is there an action I need to take? The answer is no. If you use Microsoft Advertising’s GA SDK for Windows 8.1 you’re all set.  Ads served into your app will start leveraging the advertising ID data to enhance monetization on your app.

If you have other questions on your Microsoft Advertising SDK please do not hesitate to ask us in Global Publisher Support.

Chris Ponath

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