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Posted on 10/17/13

Hey Everyone,

I am excited to announce that Microsoft Advertising is making a new ad SDK available to all Windows 8.1 developers. The GA 8.1 Ad SDK (version # 8.1.30909) is available in Visual Studio 2013 GA (link)

Benefits of the 8.1 GA Ad SDK

The 8.1 GA Ad SDK comes with many benefits:

1. Integration within Visual Studio. We’ve made it easier for developers to include the ad SDK since it’s now available from within Visual Studio, removing a step in the ad SDK installation process, as there is no longer a need to download the ad SDK via a separate download link.  VS 2013 dynamically provisions your application and ad unit IDs, without having to go to pubCenter, and creates the sample code needed – see AdSamplePage.xaml.txt or AdSamplePage.js.txt – into your VS 2013 project files. Please note, all future SDKs will be made available automatically within Visual Studio.

2. Z-index Issue Resolution for XAML Developers. This new Ad SDK solves for the Z-index issue which caused overlapped ads on Windows 8.  Now there is no need for the useStaticAnchor workaround (note to XAML developers: please make sure to remove the useStaticAnchor workaround when using the new 8.1 ad SDK or you will experience an error).

3. Support for Targeting. Targeting is an important tool for advertisers on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 that will help make ads even more relevant to consumers. Please make sure to update your app with this latest ad SDKs to take advantage of our most recent targeting functionality. With the new Advertising SDKs consumers can opt-out of targeted advertising on a per-app level. The new Ad SDK contains a “personalized advertising” setting that gives consumers the ability to manage their targeting preferences at an app level via the Settings Charm. People can also manage their preferences at a global level by visiting


As an 8.1 app developer, you might be wondering if you should upgrade your app with the latest ad SDK.

· If you are using the 8.1 Preview Ad SDK which we announced at last June’s BUILD conference, the key new benefits to consider are the Z-index issue bug fix and our most recent targeting functionality (benefits #2 and #3 listed above). We recommend that you updateyour app with the latest ad SDK.

· If you are using the 8.1 RTM Ad SDK which was made available as part of Visual Studio 2013 RC to MSDN/TechNet subscribers on September 9th, then there is no needto update your Ad SDK. The GA version of the ad SDK is the same (version # 8.1.30909).

· And if you are new to 8.1, please use this most recent version of the SDK for your 8.1 app


We are excited about the launch of 8.1 and want to help developers navigate the transition as users migrate from 8.0 to 8.1. We hope the chart below will help clarify the scenarios and help developers identify the right ad SDK for their app.


Have you updated the Ad Sizes in your Windows 8 App?

Quick reminder – to maximize revenue in your app, please make sure that you are using the updated ad sizes announced at the BUILD conference. The anchor ad sizes that we support are: 250x250, 300x250, 160x600, 300x600 or 728x90. For more information, please see our BUILD blog:


Ad Size Recommendations for Different Windowing States

In Windows 8.1, users will have more options for resize apps. For optimal user experience, Windows recommends a minimum width of 500 pixels (this is the “default” minimum width); however, Windows will accept apps down to a minimum width of 320 pixels (this is the “non-default” minimum width).

Developers will need to prepare their app for different Windowing states. Here are the ad size recommendations from Microsoft Advertising for different Windowing states:

· If screen width = 320 pixels, use 250x250 or 300x250

· If screen width > 320 pixels but less than full screen (includes default width of 500 pixels), use 250x250, 300x250 or 160x600

· In full screen mode, developers can use any of our approved ad sizes: 250x250, 300x250, 160x600, 300x600 or 728x90

For more information on resizing apps, please visit:


Resources for Developers

For additional technical information and step-by-step guidance on how to prepare for Windows 8.1, please visit:

· MSDN documentation Microsoft Advertising’s 8.1 GA Ad SDK:

· Win 8.1 Product guide for developers:

· Win 8.1 Feature guide for developers: . This is a great collection broken down by categories like Windows Store, UX/UI etc.


Case Study: Mobiles Republic

At Microsoft Advertising, we care deeply about the success of our developer and publisher partners and are inspired by your creativity and entrepreneurship. We’d like to share the story from one of our partners, Mobiles Republic, a publisher based in France, that publishes to markets globally.

You can also view this video at

Thank you for your continued partnership! If you have questions, I invite you to contact Global Publisher Support.


Chris Ponath

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