Eric Opel - MSFT
Posted on 09/26/13

Advertising Week is a special time for marketers – it’s about networking, having some fun with your peers and also about exploring the next generation of digital advertising innovation.  Ad Week is also about New York City, and the vibrant creative community that works and lives here.   On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of meeting with Michael Frazier, the VP of Communications for a very special Windows Phone app called the 9/11 Memorial Guide.   Like me, many of you remember where you were when you first heard “the news” as well as the feelings you had on that terrible day.  For New Yorkers, these memories have never faded.   

In my recent interview with Michael at Advertising Week, he explains the vision behind the app along with the many features that are unique to Windows Phone – from the innovative tools that allow users to search for victims, see family videos and share photos.  Somewhere while you’re listening to Michael’s words, those feelings that will return.  And like me, you may begin to see how technology is evolving to adapt to the range of experiences and emotions that truly make us human.

As Michael says, “it’s bigger than a New York story”  -- I couldn’t agree more.

*The NYC based firm, Photon who developed the 9/11 Memorial Guide app also produced this short video:

Thank you! Eric

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