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New research reveals consumers want personal experiences and control over their online personas and information sharing; among other insights.

Today, Microsoft released new 2015 Digital Trends research, which reveals significant shifts in consumer relationships with technology. The findings reinforce the notion that globally, consumers are becoming a more digitally savvy population who...

Posted on 03/08/15

Health & Wellness: Marketing and Solutions Must be Holistic

As healthcare costs rise, people demand more proactive and preventative approaches to their health. Nearly 90 percent of people (in the U.S.) look to the internet for healthcare information1. As part of our Consumer Decision Journey insights...

Posted on 11/03/14

New Book Reveals Seven Things You Need to Know to Reach Your Customers Across TVs, Computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones

Market to people, not devices and other lessons learned in new book. It seems like only yesterday that my colleague Kelly Jones and I set out to create a thought-leadership program at Microsoft Advertising to help marketers better understand...

Posted on 04/21/14
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