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New Microsoft Study: Simplifying Money Matters for Consumers by Giving Them Control, Clarity and Connection

I’m pleased to introduce the newest addition to our Consumer Decision Journey research: The Consumer Decision Journey: Financial Services. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a video detailing the basics of what we discovered by...

Posted on 03/05/14

Ad Week Toronto

Despite the cold and snow, it’s great to be back in Canada and I can’t think of a better forum to launch Microsoft’s Canadian Digital Trends research than Ad Week Toronto. This exciting research investigates how consumers’ relationships with...

Posted on 01/29/14

New Microsoft Study: How Advertisers Can Take Advantage of Future Consumer Trends Today

As we wrap up the 10th Anniversary of Advertising Week in New York, I’m excited to provide an update on our Consumer Decision Journey research. For this installment of our ongoing journey work, we focused on understanding consumer decision-making...

Posted on 09/25/13
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