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Advertising Week Europe wrap up in videos, photos and infographics #AWEurope #AWMSFT

Wow what a great week for the marketing and advertising industry in London last week - 3 cheers for the AdWeek team, well done on successful, second AdWeek Europe. Microsoft Advertising looks forward to partnering with you for AWE 2015. Here...
Donna Hindson - MSFTDonna Hindson - MSFT Posted on 04/08/14

Gulltaggen 2014: There’s a New Currency in Circulation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know there’s a new currency in circulation. It’s invisible, ‘virtual’. Brought to life by the awesome power of technology, you can’t roll it up in your fingers, slip it into...
Andy Hart - MSFTAndy Hart - MSFT Posted on 04/06/14

@MSAdvertisingUK’s real-time infographics for #AWEurope – download them here #AWMSFT

What a week! Advertising Week Europe was a 4 day whirlwind of intense debate, keynotes and social networking, ending with the wrap party of all wrap parties! During Advertising Week Europe the Microsoft Advertising UK research team produced a...
Jamie Nathan - MSFTJamie Nathan - MSFT Posted on 04/03/14

Advertising Week Europe: Bridging the Virtual and Physical #AWEurope #AWMSFT

How is Kinect bridging the gap between our virtual and physical worlds? I’ll be revealing the answer in my keynote ‘Beyond Technology: Designing For People’ today at Advertising Week Europe. During the keynote, I’ll explore how the lines between...
Michael Dwan MSFTMichael Dwan MSFT Posted on 03/28/14

The National Retail Show 2014: Key takeaways and Microsoft technologies being used in #retail

By Nigel Ashton, Retail Industry Lead, Microsoft Advertising UK No doubt you are all too familiar with how technology is impacting on consumer behaviour and how it is changing expectations about what a shopping experience should be. Retail brands...
Nigel Ashton - MSFTNigel Ashton - MSFT Posted on 02/09/14

UK @CreativeTechHub meet-up event summary

As an avid fan of the Creative Tech network, it was obvious to me that Microsoft was the perfect place to host the next ‘meet-up’. Taking over the reins from Ogilvy Lab’s brilliant first event, we opened our doors to 120 creative technologists...
Arthur TindsleyArthur Tindsley Posted on 02/04/14

Ad Week Toronto

Despite the cold and snow, it’s great to be back in Canada and I can’t think of a better forum to launch Microsoft’s Canadian Digital Trends research than Ad Week Toronto. This exciting research investigates how consumers’ relationships with...
Natasha Hritzuk - MSFTNatasha Hritzuk - MSFT Posted on 01/29/14

IDEATE – Microsoft UK opens its doors to the Creative World

It is often said that the Holy Grail of advertising can be found when creativity meets technology. A supposedly magical moment happens when the two work together in harmony and the results can be amazing, take for example the recent Hobbit...
Arthur TindsleyArthur Tindsley Posted on 01/09/14

Man on the Street – XBOX One Launch

Check out the XBOX One launch from Times Square!
Tom Costello - MSFTTom Costello - MSFT Posted on 11/22/13

How fragrant Tulips and Armin van Buuren could be your Brand’s Ticket to Success in the Digital Future

Today I find myself in beautiful Amsterdam for 24 Hours of Advertising, the creative marketing industry’s leading event in the Netherlands, held every year with a jam-packed 24 hour agenda. It’s an exciting event, held in a stunning historic...
Andy Hart - MSFTAndy Hart - MSFT Posted on 11/07/13
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