Savvy searchers found here

Search advertising puts your ads in front of customers who use the Yahoo Bing Network every day – customers who may be searching for your product or service.


When customers search using your keywords, your ads may appear in the search results – and on the Yahoo Bing Network you have the opportunity to reach 530 million unique searchers who represent 12 billion monthly searches.1


Not only does search advertising reach a large audience that is actively engaged and searching for your business, it also puts you in complete control of what you spend. You pay only when your ads are clicked, up to the budget amount you set.


Creating a search advertising campaign with Bing Ads is simple. First, choose keywords that are relevant to your business so that your ads will appear in the search results when customers search for your product or service. Next, create ads that communicate your business offering to searchers. If you’re already running a search campaign on Google, just import it right into Bing Ads using our tools.


Advertising on the Yahoo Bing Network connects your business with the best customers. Get started with Bing Ads today.


1. comScore qSearch (custom), December 2013; the Yahoo Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo sites worldwide.