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The MSN homepage: Everything within reach


Clear and easy to navigate
News, weather, and movies are displayed automatically. All this and our attractive premium content mean that MSN users are both heavily involved, and spend more active time on the site.

Effective, engaging campaigns
The clear structure of the site increases your display campaign's effectiveness, and ensures your ads are featured next to up-to-date, entertaining and relevant content, as well as integrated with social media feeds. In addition, we offer expanded rich media offerings for MSN, so that innovation and creativity make your message stand out.
Regardless of whether your reach is broad or you want a very focused group for your message, MSN offers an attractive, effective online environment:

• Reach your target audience at the right time, so that your brand receives attention-grabbing online presence.
• Ads are automatically displayed in real-time  - news, weather and sports.
• Loading times are optimized
• Download current content by rollover navigation, without updating the page. Your ad will be shown longer.
• Clear, simple design ensures your ads have maximum effect
MSN homepage offers you the most creative possibilities to reach your campaign goals.



Audience Profile

Make sure your brand is connecting with the right audience. Review our in-depth audience profiles to see the latest demographics and behaviors.


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