AdWeek 2013 Schedule
Come experience people-first at Advertising Week. Tab through our featured sessions below to find us at Advertising Week, IAB MIXX, and OMMA Global.  Plus, check out the details of our annual Microsoft Advertising Presents… party on Wednesday night with Avicii and Cazzette. It’s gonna rock.


Monday, September 23

Time/Location Session Description Microsoft Speakers

The Times Center Hall

Waste Free Advertising: Finally

As an industry, we’ve made great strides in targeting online behavior and demographics, but advertising is at a point where Big Data is starting to feel like Big Brother to the consumer. In fact, we’re at a point where digital marketing may be killing itself. So what is the answer? The next evolution in media combines location technology and consumer empowerment to aggregate the hand-raisers and reach the consumers who are ready and willing to receive our messages.

Jason Dailey
Senior Director, Bing Evangelism

Crowne Plaza Hotel Times Square
IAB MIXX Keynote

As a flagship device and service, Xbox and Xbox Live are key parts of the overall Microsoft strategy. Join two Microsoft advertising thought leaders as they transform the stage to showcase the company’s take on how advancements in personalization technology are revolutionizing consumer experiences and living room entertainment as we know it.

Keith Lorizio

Ross Honey
General Manager, Xbox

Marriott Marquis

Panel: Is Programmatic Strangling Premium? A Tale of Two Inventories (OMMA Display)

Are premium publishers online just kidding themselves about their business models at this point? Close to a quarter of inventory is now running through RTB platforms, another third through networks and barely 40% via direct sales. Audiences are so cheap and more easily assembled at scale via demand side platforms, how much of a future for how many major players is there left for the marquee media brands? We ask buyers and sellers to reflect on whether the media models of the last century can really survive the press of the new ad tech machine.

Moderator: Stephanie Grossman, SVP,
Business Development, Adomic
Jay Seideman
Director, Targeting and Exchange Team

The Times Center Hall
Cross Screen Summit

Roundtable of cross-screen experts discuss delivering content and relevant messaging to today's anytime, anyplace consumers.

Moderator: Aki Spicer, Head of Digital Strategy & Content, TBWA

Lovina McMurchy
General Manager, Skype
9:00am - 5:00pm

Microsoft Experience Center @ Times Center

Microsoft Experience Center

Come touch, hear, and experience Microsoft technologies in ways you may not have seen or imagined before. See the immersive and engaging experiences that only Microsoft can offer on the platforms that millions of consumers use every day.